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Spring Escapes

Sheep Meadow, Central Park, New York

After an arduous and frigid winter, the rationale for stepping out of the studio and back into the warmth of the spring sun should need little justification. However, if you’re like most architecture students you may be in need of some extra architectural motivation to vindicate your escape from the confines of thesis prep, preparing for your structures finals and the like. Here are a few quick reads to take to the park, some current films to help you justify taking an evening break, and various exhibits that may just do the trick. …Continue reading >>

Feature: Architecture & Film

Critical Architecture Films

Whether we are talking about architecture in film, as subject, scenery, or character, or talking about spatial sequencing, framing, or projected imagery, a la architecture as film, or about the narrative organization or construct, i.e. the architecture, of a film there is no denying the inseparable nature of these two mediums. The relationship between architecture and film has been around as long as there has been architecture and film. An understanding of this symbiotic relationship can provide insight into the field, a new way of looking at the built environment, but also key ammunition in rationalizing taking a night off from studio. With this, we invite you to check out our new Architecture & Film resources. …Continue reading >>

Essential Reading

Critical Architecture Library

Reading, as much as drawing or model making, is fundamental to building a strong foundation in the field. While we recognize that this is not a topic that can be done justice by any “top x” list we would like to share what we have come to call the “Architecture Student’s Reading Bucket List”. This is by no means all inclusive – simply our feeble attempt to compile a list of the “must haves” that we believe should be on one’s shelf before completing their first professional degree in architecture. …Continue reading >>