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Archtober Highlights

Autumn is finally here. The days have begun to cool, the leaves will begin to change soon, and I can start thinking about breaking out the slightly darker black tactleneck again. But most importantly of all, Archtober is almost upon us.

For those of you who may not be familiar, Archtober is New York City’s Architecture and Design Month. A month-long festival of architecture activities, programs, lectures, and exhibitions taking place across the city throughout the month of October. Focused on the importance of architecture and design in everyday life, the festival raises awareness of the important role of design in our city and the richness of New York’s built environment. So, while you might be busy with a big project or kicking off the new semester, it is worth carving out some time over the next couple weeks to take in a few of the highlights.

The official calendar is simply loaded with learning and inspiration opportunities, couple this with the plethora of “unofficial” events happening this month and it can get a little overwhelming… but because we know you don’t need any more stress in your life we have done some of the leg work for you. Below is a selection of our 15 most highly recommended events (both official and unofficial) for Archtober, 2016:
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Graphics & Representation Resources

Architectural Graphics & Representation Resources

Production should be able to focus on design and communication. You have more important things to do in studio than fumble with inefficient means or insufficient resources. Over the years we have spent countless hours Googleing our way out of these situations and amassed a vast collection of reliable resources… so you don’t have to. …Continue reading >>

Feature: Architecture & Film

Critical Architecture Films

Whether we are talking about architecture in film, as subject, scenery, or character, or talking about spatial sequencing, framing, or projected imagery, a la architecture as film, or about the narrative organization or construct, i.e. the architecture, of a film there is no denying the inseparable nature of these two mediums. The relationship between architecture and film has been around as long as there has been architecture and film. An understanding of this symbiotic relationship can provide insight into the field, a new way of looking at the built environment, but also key ammunition in rationalizing taking a night off from studio. With this, we invite you to check out our new Architecture & Film resources. …Continue reading >>

Essential Reading

Critical Architecture Library

Reading, as much as drawing or model making, is fundamental to building a strong foundation in the field. While we recognize that this is not a topic that can be done justice by any “top x” list we would like to share what we have come to call the “Architecture Student’s Reading Bucket List”. This is by no means all inclusive – simply our feeble attempt to compile a list of the “must haves” that we believe should be on one’s shelf before completing their first professional degree in architecture. …Continue reading >>